How do you get people to want to call the T-Mobile sales team, while promoting a simpler online checkout? 

T-Mobile was having an issue converting customers online. Potential consumers were often afraid to purchase online due to the complexity of the product— as they had to choose phones, lines, etc. They were afraid of making a costly mistake when the amount of choices were overwhelming. 
On the contrary, the conversion rate for phone sales was very high, but, it ate up the time of CSR’s. Customers had to go through all the options, plus collect payment info, and the average was around 30 min. 
So T-Mobile wanted to increase conversion rate by improving the switch process online, and then making it not only easy, but desirable to transfer that info to a live sales rep to close the call. This was specific to the most valuable customers - those who had lines and wanted to switch carriers.  

UX team leadership, strategy, design and direction, prototyping, research
We had to get more information on the user, and the painful process by which the transition happened. By interviewing users, (and several of our team switching ourselves), we found that most users just switch to the same phone or a slight upgrade, and from there you could address the largest percentage of the problem.
We also figured that by capturing their carrier info, we could scrape and capture the device an plan info. 
We got to work on creative concepts around “escaping” your current carrier. Other concepts included the “Rockstar Checkout," where users called a special number with a code and they could get express checkout.
The solution was labeled “The Great Escape” which featured an "Italian Job" like story where users escape their carrier with the help of a point person (T-Mobile Phone Sales). Users enter their carrier information to scrape their plan information and then they can checkout online or get a code to call which gets them express customer service with express checkout. ​​​​​​​

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