I'm a seasoned well-rounded Experience Design Leader who thrives on complex platform issues in ambiguous environments
My current love is working with complex systems that have lots of moving parts that are in need of coordination. This includes platforms that have lots of different devices and contexts that all need to work together as a system. This often includes the tools for internal employees, which is an important part of the puzzle in service based businesses, but are often neglected. 
I'm often praised for doing things that haven't been done in an organization. That might mean giving visibility on projects that are neglected, or a product that doesn't exist, or simply creating conversations between departments that don't exist. 
Beyond that, I started out life as a musician, but quickly realized my love of organizing information and making complex ideas understandable was much more of a strength than music. I have a wife and 11-year old daughter, whom I love terribly, have an obsessive interest in healthy cooking, have done yoga for 20 years, and go to church every Sunday.
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