How do you create a web platform for the 3rd largest lender in the US, that reflects its dedication to change in a highly regulated industry?

Nationstar was in the process of rebranding to Mr. Cooper in an effort to change the industry. The platform needed to reflect the changes to the brand with an easier application process, easier to navigate site, plus more opportunities to engage with brand. 
UX Team Leadership, Content Strategy, Global information Architecture, Usability Testing, Product Definition and ideation Moderation
The process took close to a year, collaborating with different business units, user testing, etc. I led a team of 10 UX designers who worked on various parts of the application all the way through to the end result. 
The product offered borrowers the way to pre-qualify online, a much more fresh and interesting site, as well as tools for the borrower to get information on refinancing right from the dashboard.
Application Flow
Users were able to make payments online. 

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